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Professional, flexible and safe

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Virtual PMO. Virtual PMO of WIN PMO is a team of experienced PMO Professionals who carry out PMO duties remotely and on demand for customers. Virtual PMO can also serve as the central PMO office of a project team working in different locations (even abroad). Virtual PMO can co-operate in an optimal way because it has the latest and best secured sharing technologies at its disposal. As a result, professional PMO is available to everyone. Any time, any place. Professional, flexible and safe.

Do you have an assignment you would like us to do? Then please contact Virtual PMO


Virtual PMO is staffed by highly experienced PMO Professionals who have up-to-date PMO expertise, tools and templates at their disposal which enable them to support or to professionalize and improve the efficiency of every project organization. Virtual PMO works with the latest tools in this area, which is a guarantee for easy and safe virtual cooperation.


Virtual PMO can handle PMO jobs at the project, program and portfolio levels within all the PMO working areas. Some assignments are done on a once-only basis, while others recur periodically. Customers can also wholly or partly outsource their PMO discipline. Below you will find a description of the PMO working areas and services offered by Virtual PMO for this purpose. The list is not exhaustive, but gives a good impression of the range of our services.


Once it is clear to us what the assignment will involve, we will immediately provide you with an indication of the turn-around time and the costs. We use different rates, depending on the level of the requested work and on whether or not it is a recurring assignment. Customers only pay for the time actually spent on the assignment.


After the customer has given approval we’ll get going and will complete the assignment by the deadline agreed in advance. If we threaten to miss any deadline included in the work planning, we will immediately get in touch with you.

Professional, flexibel and safe.

Welcome. I’m your Virtual PMO Professional.

I am someone who ensures that all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. I always go for the highest achievable goal. I always head for the most efficient and professional result.

I work for WIN PMO. WIN PMO assigns me to projects for different customers in different industries. I also work on Virtual PMO. From here I provide PMO services to customers. In a very flexible way. Remotely and on demand. I provide project management with grip and focus! My aim is to make customers experience that physical distance is not an issue and that the quality and impact of my work are equal to those of a ‘regular colleague’!

I’ve had college or university education, have a thorough knowledge of the PMO profession, PMO tools and project management methods and have gained the necessary practical experience.

PMO Professionals

Virtual cooperation

Virtual PMO has various tools which enable easy “remote” cooperation using fully secured methods. Personal contact by telephone or using Skype, SharePoint, project place, video conferencing… everything is possible.

Professional PMO

Virtual PMO Professionals have access to and can work with a wide range of templates and standard processes and procedures. The right tool for every job!

Projectmanagement tooling

Virtual PMO allows you to familiarize yourself with various project management tools, such as MS Office 365, MS Project, Primavera, SAP project place or the Principal Toolbox. You can find out which tool would work for you! WIN can also advise you on and help you with the implementation of the tool you have chosen. You can apply for a demo version of the Principal Toolbox via us.

The PMO BOX. An online environment developed by WIN PMO, which will guide you through the complex “jungle” that the project organization forms. In the end it will provide you with the tool or template that is best suited for a specific task!