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Bringing the right person to the right place. That is what WIN PMO has done very successfully over the past ten years! With our regular team, which is comprised of the best PMO Professionals in the field, we can staff every possible PMO role within your project organization. For everything centers on having the right people.

The great importance of having the right person in the right place

The secret of the most sustainable form of our services lies in a simple formula: having the right person in the right place. WIN PMO will always do everything in its power to introduce its customers to professionals who match the desired profile. Who have the right knowledge and experience. But personality is equally important. Which of our professionals will fit into the project organization as a person? There must be a “click”. If the whole picture is right, a successful deployment will almost be guaranteed! The good thing about this is that it works in two directions. A PMO Professional who feels at ease in the assigned role and the working environment and amongst the people where he is placed will prosper and continue to grow. WIN PMO always makes sure that it really knows the people who work for us. We have our own team of professionals, all of whom work on the basis of a permanent contract of employment. We carefully mould and build this team, with the ambition of being the success factor in the careers of the best PMO Professionals. Another important aspect is that we work with people who consciously chose for the PMO profession. People who wish to excel in PMO. This means that they are committed to the job for which they are engaged. And also that they can always be approached or re-deployed, even long after the initial assignment has ended.

Co-operating until the job is finished – and long afterwards

The advantage of deploying a WIN PMO Professional is that you will immediately gain access to a professional support base and a wealth of expertise. This support base is our team of experienced PMO Professionals who continuously help and advise and interact with each other. WIN PMO facilitates and encourages this! Every WIN PMO Professional has access to a wide range of tools, templates and best practices which they can contribute to the project organization, where appropriate. In addition, customers gain access to the PMO Box. Also, every PMO Professional is linked to a regular field manager from WIN PMO. The role of this field manager is to guide, coach and stimulate the PMO Professional in his/her development. The field manager also plays a part in the customer’s quality assurance process. There is continuous monitoring of the engagement and assessments are made on regular basis. The customer can also consult with the field manager to see whether there are any specific training courses that the PMO Professional could attend in order to reinforce his performance of the task at hand.

Every possible PMO role

Working with WIN PMO means opting for professional and highly motivated PMO Professionals, who seek to achieve the highest achievable goal – in the most efficient way. They ensure that all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, because they are committed to realizing focus, efficiency and grip. That is our shared DNA. But there are various levels and roles within the PMO field. WIN PMO roughly distinguishes the roles set out below, for which it uses the function titles mentioned. The name of the PMO functions can, however, differ from one industry to the next, and sometimes even from one organization to the next.

A PMO dream team

Where necessary, WIN PMO can put together and deploy a PMO dream team, for instance to set up and simultaneously run a new PMO. With the right mix of strategic, tactical and operational expertise and capabilities. We would gladly discuss all the possibilities with you.

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PMO Consultant

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