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This is WIN PMO. We are all about people, we are all about PMO. We are passionate, service-oriented professionals. We improve the efficiency and effectiveness of project organizations, ensuring that the project status is always clear. This allows management to experience that it has a grip on its project, portfolio or program and to focus on its core business. We believe that this will greatly increase the chances of project success. And that is why we do what we do. That is WIN PMO. A success factor in every project organization!

It sometimes pays off if someone looks at your project organization through “PMO glasses”. A good PMO advisor will quickly see chances and opportunities for the professional and total implementation of PMO or for improving the existing work processes. WIN PMO can provide advice on governance, implementation and professionalization at the project, program and portfolio levels. We work closely with our customers until a widely supported plan has been formed and then help to implement it.
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Bringing the right person to the right place. That is what WIN PMO has done very successfully over the past ten years! With our regular team, which is comprised of the best PMO Professionals in the field, we can staff every possible PMO role within your project organization. For everything centers on having the right people. PMO assistants, officers or managers. Specialists such as planners or project controllers, but also analysts or consultants.  

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WIN PMO Opleidingen is a separate training division catering to everyone who wants to learn more about the PMO profession or grow as a PMO Professional! The theory and, equally important, our wealth of practical experience form the basis of our leaning program. This is unique, because we not only hand down content, context and techniques, but also pay a great deal of attention to personal growth. We offer training courses for both ambitious newcomers and senior professionals. Do you need to develop a complete PMO team? A tailor-made program, in-company if desired, is also a possibility.
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Virtual PMO within WIN PMO is comprised of a team of experienced PMO Professionals who work “remotely” and on demand for customers. Virtual PMO can also serve as the central PMO office of project teams whose members work in different locations (sometimes even abroad). As Virtual PMO works with the latest and best secured sharing technologies, optimal remote cooperation is possible. In this way professional PMO is available to everyone. Any time, any place. Professional, flexible and safe.


Being a pioneer in the collecting, assurance and development of knowledge. That is an important purpose for WIN PMO. We like to share our knowledge, as sharing knowledge will lead to the reproduction of knowledge! This is why we have developed the PMO BOX. The PMO BOX is an online environment which offers insight into the sometimes complex “jungle” that forms the project organization and provides you with the best tool or template for a specific job. It also offers different working methods and best practices. The PMO BOX is available to everyone! #PMOBOX #PMO #WINPMO @WINPMO.