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Advising and professionalizing. Sometimes it pays off if someone looks at your project organization through “PMO glasses”. A good PMO advisor will quickly see where there are chances and opportunities for the professional and total implementation of PMO or for improving the existing work processes. WIN PMO provides advice on governance, implementation and professionalization at the project, program and portfolio levels. We work closely with our customers until a widely supported plan has been formed and then help to implement it.


Governance addresses the “what question” and not the “how question”. Management targets and the accompanying measures, performance indicators and maturity levels occupy center stage here. In close cooperation with the customer WIN PMO translates this into practice, while always ensuring that the project organization is geared to the regular business operations. Everything starts with answering the question: what outcome must the PMO produce? The needs will be charted and an IST-SOLL analysis will be used to determine what shape the PMO services must take. The next step is to consider which positions in the PMO are required to achieve this, and at what level (P3O model and/or central PMO). All the roles and responsibilities must be identified and be clear. The authorisation and management method must also be determined. How can this be assured and how do we ensure that everyone will actually work in this way? In the end WIN PMO can also offer advice on the most appropriate tooling for the future PMO.


As soon as the governance is clear, PMO can be implemented in the project organization. This mainly involves developing one standard, one uniform working method which results in efficiency, transparency and oversight. But a clear, unambiguous reporting structure must also be developed to provide all the stakeholders with the required insight. This makes it easier to set priorities and to judge whether the project targets have been achieved. Here, WIN PMO pays a great deal of attention to creating understanding and willingness to cooperate. This also involves motivating and supporting all the employees in the use and continual optimization of the new working methods, tooling & templates. Success will only be possible if the project organization is convinced of the usefulness and necessity of the (new) PMO processes and working methods!

Bringing the right person to the right place. That is what WIN MPO has done very successfully over the past 10 years! From our own regular team, which is comprised of the best PMO Professionals in the field, we can staff every possible PMO role within the project organization. After all, it’s all about having the right people.


The optimization of the different PMO work processes is cyclical in nature. A good PMO Professional is capable of continually assessing and then improving all the working processes. In this way a so-called intelligent PMO is created. If WIN PMO looks at your project organization, this will be the focal point. Optimizing the processes on the one hand and assuring that the PMO is intelligent and cyclical in nature on the other. This will make the PMO future-proof and independent.